WildsauSEO – Everything about the SEO Contest

The winners will be honored at the SEO Day in the Superpanel. If you look at the current SERPs, you can already see the most colorful variety of Wildsauseo.

Are there rules for the SEO Contest?

In a nutshell: no! Everything is allowed.

Who can participate in the Wildsauseo Contest?

Anyone who participates in the SEO Day 2019 and wants to bring out the term Wildsauseo big!

What is Wildsauseo?

The question is rather: what could be Wildsauseo? Because, of course, there is not (yet) the term in this form. We and many other SEOs want to change that. The keyword is already making waves:

What is Wildsauseo?

Wildsauseo describes a way of search engine optimization of a website, where the optimization is done without a clear strategy and usually without in-depth expertise. The “optimizer” moves through the site in an uncoordinated manner, like a wild boar, leaving deep traces of devastation. The Wildsau does not know that it rages – the WildsauSEO does not know this either. He “optimizes” to the best of his knowledge and belief, the result is often more ameliorations such as the presence of meta-keywords, keyword stuffing or cloaking.

More animal marketing strategies

In the future we would like to see Wildsauseo firmly anchored in the vocabulary of Online Marketing. And why stop at this point? There is much more potential for animal connotations in this genre. We spin the idea a bit further here.

What is the SEOtter?

SEOtters are search engine optimization practitioners who use a clear strategy. They are the exact opposite of the Wildsauseo. The Sea Otter has a reputation for being intelligent and adaptive. So the SEO has to optimize the website intelligently and with common sense. The balance between search engine optimization and user-friendliness is top priority. The SEOtter has to be able to learn and regularly check optimizations made. He must recognize misappropriations and eliminate them.

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