Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are other options to correcting the problem of missing teeth rather than getting dental implants. You can get partial plates or full sets of teeth made that do not attach to your bones. So why do more people choose dental implants over these other prosthetics?

Vanity is the number one reason why the majority of people that get dental implants have the procedure done. Most people will not readily admit that they are vane about their looks, but we spend millions of dollars each year on cosmetics, hair care products, and other things that make us more attractive. protetico em curitiba Having the dental prosthetics implanted so they are firmly in place in your mouth and do not look like obvious prosthetics is very important to a large number of patients. The younger patients are especially more likely to choose this surgical procedure when they get dental prosthetics.

Another reason why the dental implants are chosen is because they do stay in place better than the alternative devices do. If you have false teeth you will have to use something to stick those bottom teeth so that they do not float around in your mouth. Your bottom jaw does not provide a secure enough place to stop the teeth from moving in your mouth like your upper jaw does. Upper dentures form a seal against the roof of the patients’ mouth and they stay suctioned there until the person breaks the suction by rocking the denture to the side.

The titanium devices placed on the bone allows the patient to lock their dentures into a position and not worry about them moving around. This means they can eat whatever they like just as they did before getting dentures. Most people with ordinary dentures cannot do things like eat corn on the cob, bite into an apple, or eat sticky foods, because these foods will pull their dentures out of their mouth.

When food particles get beneath the plates of denture wearers the pain is intense. These people have to stop what they are doing and go clean their denture plates to remove the foreign matter, and something as small as a crumb from cornbread can cause immense discomfort. Sometimes these food particles can cause irritations that turn into mouth ulcers under the plate. To stop this from happening people use adhesives to keep their teeth firmly in their mouth against their gums. The titanium pieces that lock the teeth in place stop these things from happening.

When people have dentures they have to worry about their dentures coming loose and falling out of their mouths. If they are nauseated they must remove their teeth because their teeth could come out while they are throwing up and be broken. When they are kissing their lovers they have to worry about these prosthetics becoming loose and moving around inside their mouths. These can be very embarrassing situations and they can cause the people to change the way they live their lives for fear of them happening again. Teeth attached to titanium posts do not fall out; they have to be removed intentionally.


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