Where to leave the cat on vacation

In anticipation of a vacation, one of the most important issues is not the purchase of an inexpensive tour and not careful detailed planning of the trip. The most important point – where and to whom to leave the cat for the holidays.

There are several possible solutions. Most often resort to one of three options.

1. Leave the cat on vacation can be friends or relatives.

This is almost perfect if you suddenly have a friend or relative who truly loves cats, he (or she) lives alone, he doesn’t have his pets, and he will be happy to take over the alien cat.

But such a coincidence can be attributed rather to the field of fiction. Usually the picture is as follows – relatives or friends:

  • They fear the emergence of conflict situations between their pets and “guests at the overexposure.”
  • Do not want to be responsible for someone else’s animal.
  • They are afraid of possible damage to furniture, wallpaper, things and other property.
  • Allergic reaction to cat hair.
  • Just cannot stand cats. Or love them only in the pictures and mi-shnyh demotivators.
  • They work long and long and will not be able to feed the animal in time.


It is likely that, having previously agreed to overexposure, relatives or friends simply refuse to take your pet to overexposure at the last moment for various real or imagined reasons. In any case, this development will only aggravate the problem.

Thus, we can summarize: overexposing a cat with friends or relatives is a rather troublesome and not always reliable event.

2. Leave the cat on vacation can be in one of the home hotels.

The Internet is full of announcements telling how cats live in home hotels, with other smaller brothers. Cheerful active young guys and girls make videos about temporary housing for pets. https://cattery365.co.uk/ Outwardly, everything looks optimistic and joyful. Even the low price suits almost all parties. But where are the pitfalls that will make you think about whether to trust this temporary shelter.

The following facts cause doubts:

  • No one can guarantee that the guys offering the service of a temporary shelter for your pet truly love animals. Perhaps this is just an option to quickly make money in the holiday season.
  • The conditions in which pets are kept in domestic hotels do not imply sterile cleanliness. Most often, the owners in such hotels do not pay attention to the change of tenants. As a result, the hotel becomes a place where it is possible to catch any infection, starting with fleas and ending with serious infectious and nervous diseases.
  • Also, your pet may not get along with the rest of the inhabitants. The result will be very pitiable, it can be bitten, crippled or cause serious psychological trauma.
  • Taking the cat to overexposure, the owners do not enter into a contract.
  • But even the contract will not give a guarantee that this housing is temporary (rented) and the person will simply disappear from the apartment.

How much does it cost to keep a cat in such hotels? Very little. Only it is unlikely to save on your pet, you will not worry about him on vacation or get a lot of other unforeseen troubles upon returning from a trip.

3. Inexpensive “cattery”

You can pass the cat on a cattery, having attached it to an inexpensive. This option has several advantages:

  • Professionals who care for cats, who understand them and know the characteristics of characters, take care of the pet. As well as owning methods of courtship and maintenance of various breeds.
  • Clean spacious rooms. The rooms, insulated with glass partitions, allow you to keep everything clean, and cats are guaranteed to have their bowls, trays and toys. Moreover, this isolation minimizes the spread of infections.
  • But isolation is relative. Neighbors may talk and look at each other, which creates the illusion of communication and does not let the fluffy tenants get bored.
  • The staff of “cattery” attentively relate to the stories of the owners about the habits and characteristics of the cat (cats), which will allow the animal to quickly adapt to new conditions.
  • The price position of “cattery” depends on the size of the rooms and on the order of additional services. Much also depends on the length of stay, and sometimes on the cat breed.



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