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Finding the right diamond is one in all the foremost necessary and exciting steps to beginning your journey along. However, with such a large amount of things to think about once it involves selecting an associate ring, you will feel you would like a touch of steering. You would possibly be inquisitive a way to opt for a diamond, or a way to notice your ring size. Maybe you would like help with totally different diamond cuts, ring designs, kinds of ring settings, the simplest metal for rings, or a way to opt for a marriage ring that will complement the ring absolutely.

If you would like insights from our specialists in selecting associate ring confidently, you’ve returned to the proper place. Our ring shopping for guide can take you through every step to finding the right ring that each you and your spouse can love. Having a sterling name as business pioneers, Shimansky not solely has nice tips for purchasing associate ring however the experience, skills, and resources to make one thing very exclusive and distinctively distinctive for your big day.


Some of the massive queries several ring shoppers raise square measure: “How abundant are rings?” or “How abundant do you have to pay on a marriage ring?” you will have detected regarding the normally mentioned rule of thumb that sets the typical take into account associate engagement ring at 2 months’ earnings.

Interestingly, this notion was generated by an awfully clever and effective ad blitz designed for an oversized diamond producer within the US throughout the lean Thirties. Though this campaign originally set the typical quantity at one month’s earnings, a follow-up campaign within the 80s established the present perceived normal with the subsequent wording: “Two months’ earnings showed the longer-term Mrs. Smith what the longer term would be like.”

Contrary to the present common guideline, we tend to believe that once it involves ring budgeting, nothing is ready in stone. Each couple is totally different, thus rather than following strict rules or tips on your ring budget, we tend to advocate taking a lot of personal approaches. Set a budget that you simply square measure snug with, whether or not it’s a lot of our but 2 months’ earnings.

Finding the right ring starts with selecting the proper diamond for you. So, once you’ve set your budget, it’s time to explore the diamond varieties that square measure inside your value vary. Knowing a way to get a diamond relies on the 4Cs – color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

The color analysis of a diamond, measured in line with GIA’s D-to-Z color-grading, relies on the absence of color. The letter D – the best grade on the dimensions – represents colorless. A diamond’s clarity is hierarchical from F (Flawless) – the rarest of the rare – to I (Included).

Carat is the normal unit of weight used for diamonds. Since giant diamonds square measure rare, they’re a lot of valuable than smaller diamonds of equivalent color and clarity.

A diamond’s cut is one in all the foremost necessary grading aspects as this is often wherever technical experience enters the image. The cutting method reveals the diamond’s exquisite hidden marvel to a lower place its rough exterior. Our versatile craftsmen have down pat the supreme superior skill of unleashing a diamond’s lightweight and revealing the magic that lies inside. Whether or not you favor a mesmerizing pear-shaped diamond cut or the classic my lady Shimansky signature diamond cut, you’re bound to notice a diamond with style excellence once selecting a Shimansky creation.

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