Tujhse Hai Raabta August 5, 2019 Written Update

I am extremely content with my life and I aimed for this. I am additionally considering and doing everything an ordinary young person does. In this way, I am not so much missing on anything. Additionally, having begun youthful, I have an alternate sort of mentality and no more identify with young ladies of my age. I really feel fortunate to have a profession at such a youthful age. Individuals battle for quite a long time to pack a decent venture.

You made your Bollywood debut with Ghayal Once Again. How could you choose to make the move back to TV?

I was clear in my mind that I will take a shot at all Tujhse Hai Raabta. The only thing that is in any way important was a decent content. I feel fortunate that I could do Ghayal with Sunny Deol sir. We as a whole reinforced like family on sets. It was such a learning background and I will consistently appreciate the time. I am available to doing films once more.

As of late Zaira Wasim’s choice to stop media outlets to protect her convictions stood out as truly newsworthy. As a Muslim, did you get any fire from individuals for taking up going about as a calling?

I am pleased with my religion as much as I am glad for my work. I accept both are unique yet can be given equivalent core interest. Likewise, everybody has an alternate recognition and conviction framework. In the event that she chose to stop her work, I am certain it more likely than not been an idea out choice. What’s more, we should regard her decision. With respect to me, I have consistently got help and love from individuals. My mother has experienced a ton and she is glad that I am seeking after my energy.


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