The Next Generation Online Gaming Provider

The Next Generation Online Gaming Provider

Cutting is a very common technique. We cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces, open packages with knives or scissors and occasionally let us miss a new haircut. Very often the term “cutting” appears in creative activities, even though the cutting tools have long since been replaced by digital instruments in some areas. In order to find out what meaning the practice of cutting has in the design process, I have interviewed six people who deal with a cutting technique in their creative / artistic work.

Ursula Jakob is a freelance artist and director of the print studio at the Bern University of the Arts. As a lecturer, she teaches the modules Gravure, High Pressure and Art Education from Art. 

Mika Mischler is a graphic designer and works as a typographer in cooperation with Nik Thoenen under the signature label inland . In his work as a lecturer at the BUA he teaches the modules Advanced Graphic design, publishing in the context and Typoclub .

Isabelle Favez works as a filmmaker on behalf of clients and agencies, and as a freelance director she has won several awards for her animated films. She has also worked in various juries and worked as a guest lecturer at various universities in Germany and abroad. Yvonne Siegenthaler studied fashion design in Basel and is at the HKB in Bern in the final year of Master Art Education. She worked on the label ” andsie” .

Markus Fehlmann is a musician with Züri West and has worked on numerous music and film productions. At the Hochschule der Künste Bern, he is the expert in audio productions in the Media Lab.Selected answers to my questionnaire will be summarized in the following and assigned to the different experts with a color code:Now take a look at how these features of dingdong hkb.

Which tools do you use for cutting? 
While in audio and video production instead of razor blades long computer programs such as Adobe Premiere or Avid Pro Tools are used for cutting, the traditional tools are still used in the high pressure with gouge, Gaissfuss and line knives.

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