Teddy Bear

What is a teddy Dog?

You may be inquisitive, what breed could be a teddy dog?

But wait! It’s not only 1 breed!

The name ‘teddy bear dog’ doesn’t consult with one, official breed.

There area unit many teddy dogs, each pure and mixed in their lineage.

Teddy bear dogs noninheritable their name from their teddy-like features: their button nose and eyes and soft, downy fur!

The most common hybrids area unit between Shih Tzus, Bichon Frises or Poodles, however there area unit different choices too!

Mixed breeds tend to inherit characteristics, however additionally the health issues of their parent breeds.

It is necessary to grasp these before obtaining a teddy dog, to create certain you get one that suits you best.

And United Nations agency can offer a healthy and happy member of your family?

It’s additionally necessary to recollect that the teddy dog breeds would possibly appear as if toys, however, they’re still dogs.

Don’t be tempted to treat them like teddies, despite however soft and loveable they may be!

Teddy Bear Dog value

Because of teddy puppies area unit, all therefore completely different, the value for them varies hugely!

You can get them for as very little as $500, or perhaps the maximum amount as $3,000!

No matter what value you pay, it’s continuously necessary to create certain you employ an honorable stock raiser to reduce health risks.

Let’s consider some different types of teddy dogs you’ll be able to get!

Zuchon Teddy Dog

A Zuchon teddy dog could be a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu.

It’s quite a little, sometimes consideration between twelve and fourteen pounds, and growing up to twelve inches tall.

They live for up to fifteen years, which suggests, like all different dog, they’re an extended commitment!

Zuchons area unit sometimes implike, loving, active dogs, which will create a good family pet once well trained and liberal.

They’re particularly sensible as family pets in homes wherever somebody is around throughout the day. As they love constant attention and hate being left alone for long periods of your time.

All hybrid breeds area unit prone to the health issues of their parent breeds, that for the Zuchon, will embody canine hip abnormality, deafness, disease, and brain disease.

However, you usually have to be compelled to bear in mind of any health issues your Zuchon could have, with regular checkups at the vet.

Shichon Teddy Dog

Shichons area unit another name for a hybrid between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise, just like the Zuchon.

These dogs create nice family pets as a result of their charmed, spirited temperament and area unit hypoallergenic, that makes them nice for people that tend to suffer from dog allergies.

The coat color of the Shichon teddy dog varies looking on its folks, however, it typically features a long satiny coat, which may even be curling.

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