How to Update Your Facebook or Twitter Status Through Email

Did you ever realize how helpful it could be if you can update your status on your favorite social network like autoposter Facebook or Twitter? It could be handy especially if you work in a office environment and want to update your status but you can’t do that because you are denied access to social network services. There is a very easy way to do this. It is called Posterous.

So, What is Posterous?

Posterous is a Blog service. But there are two twists to this.

1. You can post on your Posterous Blog through email

2. Posterous simultaneously relays all your posts to your Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

This way, You can Blog and Network through simple email

Why Posterous?

Because it is a Super-sharer and Supersaver.

Super Sharer: Posterous is a Super-sharing tool as it enables sharing across many social networks. This is called Autoposting.

Super Saver: Posterous is a Super saver that saves you a lot of time and efforts usually spent for updating your various social media accounts by simple Autoposting.

When you are posting through Posterous, you are hitting “two birds in one email”. While you are updating your Social networks through an email, Posterous serves you by aggregating all your social life as a single blog. This way you are also ‘Blogging’ in the background. In a Posterous Blog you will have all the content shared on various social media networks in one place. It’s like having an opportunity to revisit your social life anytime later. Also, you can have a posterous blog one for each purpose and you can choose which one would be your primary blog (~primary site) among them.

So now you know about Posterous, you are just 3 steps away from updating your Facebook or Twitter status through email.

Step 1: Register with and choose a name for your Posterous Blog

Step 2: Go to Manage > Autopost and add your Facebook or Twitter account

Step 3: Now you can update your status on Facebook or Twitter by sending an email to

So the next time you have anything to say to your friends or followers, try emailing. Who said that emailing is different from Social networking? With Posterous you can update your status on your social network and the beauty of this it could act as a backup for your social life. You can see what all you have shared on Facebook and Twitter in your Posterous blog. So cool isn’t it?


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