How Do You Become a Lifeguard?

A number of people hoping to obtain their Lifeguard training certification typically ask how to become a lifeguard and what are the necessary requirements to complete the task. Typically, all it takes is to have a need to help people, a passion to learn and of course, take joy in spending time in the water.

The American Red Cross is the most popular organization that manages the lifeguard certification program and their demands are actually pretty simple and easy to meet. However, it would be a disservice to not notify you that not only would you need to fulfill the Red Cross requirements, but also, the particular state and/or facility that you are looking to work in may have their own unique requirements, too.

The ideal way to see how to become a lifeguard, is to do some quick research on the Red Cross website and find out if there are any sanctioned facilities near you that offers the course. Ask around your local public pools or waterparks and see if there are any connections there that might be able to point you in the right direction.

Some of the most common prerequisites in becoming a professional lifeguard include, being at least 15 years of age, being able to swim continuously for a certain distance without needing a break, being able to manage at least a 10 pound object that may or may not be underwater and able to return back to shore.

Lifeguards must be able to remain calm and in focus during their work as to make sure that they can be ready to take action at any moment. Not only must lifeguards display an extremely professional demeanor, but they must adhere to exceptional customer service skills as well. Interaction with pool patrons is a much in order to provide them with a sense of safety and trust to let them know that their lives are safe while enjoying their time in the water.

Lifeguard certification lessons vary based on the actual type of environment that you are wanting to work. Ranging from shallow water facilities, to standing guard on the beaches of the world, you will more than likely have little issue locating the best path to take in becoming a lifeguard. Each course Lifeguard training requires you to complete a series of physical and written exams prior to acquiring your desired lifeguard certification, but rest assured, the information you will be receiving is important in saving lives.


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