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Nevertheless, CNC milling machines and laser technology are now also being used as additional tools in the oldest printing process. According to Mika Mischler, the term cutting in type design is no longer a physical process, but refers to a historical process that has now been transformed into a new medium. What remains is the terminology. Much is created today on the computer, but sometimes also in pencil or black and white color.

Is your technique a slow or a fast process? 
When cutting fabrics and working on the linoleum, wood or plastic sheet, the materials offer more or less resistance and thus determine the speed of work. Yvonne Siegentaler notes that the act of cutting actually goes relatively fast, but the process is still very complex, because it requires a very careful preparation.

 At high pressure, many artists also transfer their originals to the printing plates before they begin cutting, but every cut is an irrevocable creative act that is very slow, as Ursula Jakob emphasizes. In animated film as well, editing is an important part of the process and not, as one might think, a step in the process which is not over until the end of the entire production period.

Creating a character, on the other hand, is not necessarily a slow process. This can also be very expressive at the moment, but the refinement of the form and the examination of this found shape for its function in the symbol composite is rather a tedious process.

Is there a preferred approach to your work process? 
We (inland) prefer the ping and pong. The ball goes out times. This creates a distance again and again, one is for a short time not even at the beating of the ball, but looking at how he flies. Thus, one gets distance to the things and can better take an outside view of the created. You can get this right here without cost aplikasi joker gaming.

This helps to shorten the processes and is also more fun.The working process with Isabelle Favez, on the other hand, follows a clear course: After developing the script / storyboard, the animatic is cut (animatic, storyboard images in a timeline). After the voice recordings the timing has to be adjusted.

This is followed by the blocking of the animation (= with each setting only a few poses are drawn) and after the animation is completed, the fine cut follows with music. At high pressure, the process can be very different. The artist Christane Baumgartner, for example, starts with video stills and painstakingly transfers the screened motif onto the printing block before she begins to cut. Roman Signer, on the other hand, shot the pistol at his plate and then printed it. In this procedure, the processing of the printing block is therefore the result of an action.

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