FRAMING TUTORIAL How To Frame Diamond Paintings To A Canvas

When putting the jewels in the plate or bowl, set aside the effort to position the precious stones with the level side down. The jewels should be in this situation to utilize the instrument apparatus.

To keep your devices from diamond art out, wrap your implement device with plastic and safely close your wax tub between employments.On the off chance that your wax dries out or you lose your implement instrument, you can likewise utilize a rhinestone applier, regularly found by the nail clean and nail treatment apparatuses.


Plunge the tip of the implement instrument into the wax. The wax will empower you to get the precious stones.Take a gander at your graph and figure out which shading precious stone to utilize. Press the tip of the utensil apparatus to the adjusted side of the precious stone.Destroy back the plastic film to reveal the territory you are taking a shot at and cautiously press the jewel onto the image.

Rehash Steps 1–3 until your plan is finished.

In the wake of situating the last precious stone, lay the defensive film over the highest point of the plan. Utilizing a moving pin, tenderly move over the plan to verify the precious stones on the sticky surface.

Showing Your Finished Artwork

Precious stone painting plans are an incredible method to add a touch of flair to your style. You may concoct thoughts of your own, however here are a couple of alternatives to kick you off:

Edge: This is the least demanding choice. Expel the glass sheet from the edge as it will dull your plan’s radiance.

Inside decoration: If you have basic sewing aptitudes, you can without much of a stretch make a texture tapestry with your plan. Select an organizing texture to make an outskirt and support for your task.

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