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Whizlabs is aimed to provide pleasant-in-enterprise and up-to-date observe and practice fabric as per the present day updates of Amazon Web Services. So, I, being the member of Whizlabs AWS Expert Team, took (and passed with rating 922/a thousand) the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam once more to tune the latest modifications in the AWS developer certification examination and take a look at if Whizlabs AWS CDA on line path is right enough to bypass the AWS CDA certification exam.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam is one of the three accomplice-level certifications offered with the aid of Amazon Web Services. It allows the candidates to demonstrate their

Understanding of middle AWS services, their makes use of, and fundamental AWS structure satisfactory practices
Proficiency in development, deployment, and debugging cloud-based programs the usage of AWS

AWS CDA Result
Preparation for the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

My major practise aid for the AWS developer companion certification exam turned into the Whizlabs AWS CDA online direction that offers a targeted content to pass the AWS CDA examination within the first strive. The path gives 15+ hours of schooling films with few interactive labs along side arms-on exercise labs to advantage real-time revel in.

I finished the web course for the AWS developer companion certification examination that covers a comprehensive set of motion pictures underneath the subsequent sections:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Core Services
  • Command Line Interface
  • Serverless
  • CI/CD and Developer Tools
  • Security

Additional Key Services

After the finishing touch of the net video path, I also attempted Whizlabs AWS CDA practice assessments to test if I’m well-prepared. I tried exercise tests 2 times, scored 80% above in the first attempt while 90% above in the 2d try and so in the actual examination.

Most vital Concepts and Topics for the AWS CDA Exam

As I observed myself well-organized for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, I scheduled the examination for March 24, 2019. Now, I’m an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner dumps Developer Associate, I’d share my experience of taking the AWS CDA examination with you all. So, here’s a description of the important topics and subtopics from which I determined the questions within the exam.

1. Serverless

Lambda – Many questions were requested from this
A lot of questions have been either at once on Lambda or mixture of Lambda with different offerings

  • Lambda – Version-associated questions
  •  Lambda – Alias-related questions
  •  Lambda – SAM-mixture questions
  • Lambda – SAM and CodeDeploy mixture

SAM – Parameters in SAM code associated questions – Which parameter does what inside the YAML code
Lambda for solving Complex architecture

2. KMS

Encryption at relaxation, Encryption in transit
KMS Questions are requested in combination with a whole lot of other services
S3 Encryption

  • Encryption whilst Transferring facts from Kinesis
  •  Lambda feature to technique facts and encryption before moving facts to S3
  • Default S3 Encryption

Keys related questions – Master Key, Envelope key, Data Key, GeneratedDataKey, and so on

3. DynamoDB

  • Complete understanding of DynamoDB is a ought to for Developer exam
  • Understanding RCU, WCU and Calculations based totally in this
  • Local secondary index, Global secondary index
  • Scan vs Query
  • Projection expression
  • DAX
  • Using DynamoDB in mixture with ElastiCache like Redis and Memcached
  • DynamoDB mixture with Lambda and S3
  • DynamoDB consultation related questions
  • Fetching statistics from DynamoDB – Lazy loading, Write Through
  • How to solve ProvisionedThroughputExceededException
  • DynamoDB TTL

4. ElasticBeanstalk

  • Understanding of different methods of the replace is wanted – rolling, , rolling with batch, immutable, etc
  • Combination of CloudFormation and ElasticBeanstalk
  • Understanding certainly how configuration in ElasticBeanstalk works
  • How to trade the Instance type
  • How RDS can be stored even as deleting ElasticBeanstalk
  • Deploying exclusive variations of the utility in ElasticBeanstalk

5. CloudFormation

  • This is also one of the important subjects
  • Understating parameters inner Cloudformation Template
  • CloudFormation template saved in S3
  • CloudFormation, Lambda, CodeDeploy, S3 mixture Question
  • Pointing to the proper version of the Lambda function in CloudFormation

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