Assessing Bad Hands in Five Card Draw Poker

One of the most important keys to being successful at Five Card Draw Poker is being able to evaluate good and bad starting hands. In this article, I will take you through the basics of some good and bad poker hands, especially two bad poker hands that appear very tempting to play. When evaluating your hand for the first time, it is important to remember that most hands are not good hands. The typical mistake players make is not on betting or deciding when to stay in, but rather it is decide to go in with a hand that has very little chance of winning from the very start. A player who more carefully chooses which hands to play with is the player who will save his or her chips for the big pots where he is playing with a strong hand and can control the table idn poker terpercaya indonesia Let’s talk about some specific bad hands for Five Card Draw. Let us first consider a straight draw. Now a straight draw is not a bad thing. Be weary when you see an inside or “gut shot” straight draw with your fifth and final component to your hand in the middle (the 4 in a two-six straight or the Queen in the Royal Straight). This draw only gives you four possibilities to complete your hand where an “outside straight draw” has twice the likelihood of bringing you the pot with eight possibilities in the deck. Rarely will you catch a break with an inside straight (less than 10% of the time will you make it). The only time you would stay in with an inside straight draw (as with all bad hands) is if you are some how given the chance to check to the draw.

Bad hand number two: a low pair (anything two through 6) with three random cards. Though this hand is tempting to play, having cards that are at least better than a high card, generally it is best to stay away from playing a low pair hand. Low pairs get beat by any other hand except for high card. If you are playing with a strong group of players who are staying in on a non-checked-through draw, they will likely be staying in with high pairs or straight and flush draws.

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of two of Five Card Draw’s worst hands, you can better handle yourself at your weekly poker night or maybe even the World Series of Poker. The two worst hands in poker we covered in this article were the low pair and the inside (or gut shot) straight. When evaluating your hands, always keep in mind the number of cards you could draw that would give you a winning hand- the more possibilities for you to win, the better your odds of winning. Combine your knowledge of the strength of various poker hands and a strong skill set for betting and you will be taking home all the cash from your weekly poker nights from now on!

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