200 Prize Bond

All details regarding Prize bond List two hundred is obtainable here. Here all the Previous yet as the latest list of prize bond two hundred is obtainable here. You’ll read any draw of two hundred prize bond full list from here. You’ll additionally transfer results of prize bond two hundred from here. National Savings of West Pakistan organize the draw of two hundred prize bond four times in a very year. Pick of two hundred rupees prize bond when every 3 months. Prize bond two hundred is that the second least expensive bond of all classes.

Prize bond List 200 Details

The reward for the winner of the 1st prize of two hundred prize bond is Rupees 750000. The winner of second prize for the two hundred rupees bond is Rupees 250000. Whereas for the third prize the reward is Rupees 1250. Their square measure total of 1199 prizes for the third winner. Everybody winning the third prize can Twelve hundred fifty rupees.

Results of 200 Prize bond list proclaimed the list is printed of the winners. The draw command nowadays in Muzaffarabad on June seventeen, 2019. within the results, the primary position holder won a prize of Rs. 750000.

The pick of prize bonds price Rs.200/ every was command nowadays in Muzaffarabad on June seventeenth. The Draw variety is seventy-eight. The winner of the prize bond proclaimed prize bond variety 539663 won the number of 750000 PKR. The second prize winner’s square measure 160370, 531965, 667595, 825630, 825917 all of them won Rs. 250000, Third prize was awarded to 1696 lucky winners.

Prize Bonds square measure at the start checked at field offices by the counter workers, just in case of doubt, it’s sent to PSPC. Just in case of big award, the winning prize bonds price a million and higher than square measure sent to PSPC.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule list 2019 is the best place to see your results instantly. Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2019 is updated on-line for guests across West Pakistan. The list shows the dates of lucky draw from Jan 2019 to December 2019. The Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2019 shows the small print regarding all the denomination prize bond, date of result, day, and town wherever it’s a command. Totally different prize bonds lucky draw square measure command in varied cities. Determine prize bond draw schedule of price one hundred, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 severally at prizebondlist.pk.

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